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Favorite Sites

These are the sites I belong to right now.  I hope you'll have the opportunity to enjoy them.  To go to them, click on their respective images :-)

Free Software Foundation
I'm an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation.  Please, go to their site and read the information it provides.  Most of the articles concerns the future of free software, and software in general.

Philosophers with Faith's Site
Philosophers with Faith
This site is for all those philosophers and religious people who wish to share their thought on philosophy, and the philosophical implications of religion.


I often write articles on this site to keep up to what is happening to GNU/Linux, the free software and the open source worlds.  It is in Spanish, and they give courses in Puerto Rico.  This is one of the main sites on GNU/Linux in Puerto Rico.

Beautiful Plus Size Ladies
Beautiful Plus Size Ladies
This is an adult site.  However, although some posts have adult subjects, the vast majority has to do with counsel, religious views, computers, recipes, thoughts, etc.  I invite everyone above 18 to form part of it and contribute.

A Meaningless Passing Thought
A Meaningless Passign Thought
This is the place where my friend EcceAgnusDei posts her wonderful poems.  One notices, just from what she writes, the great person she is.  Visit her site.

This community focuses on sharing religious experiences.  It has main pages directed to Catholicism, Christianity in general, Bahai, Jewish Religion, Moslem Religions, and even Wiccans.  It is one of the example of how religions, despite their differences, can coexist peacefully.

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