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Free Software

    This part of my site is dedicated to the issue of "free software", since it has helped me,  but also it enables me to run stable and high quality software.   It also makes me not spend my money on software that restrict my rights and my freedoms, and actually lets me pay for software that do respect them.  The word "free" here doesn't mean "zero-cost", it just means "free" as in "freedom".  I write articles about what free software is all about, and the promotion of the GNU/Linux operative system, specially those distributions I consider best.  Most of my site was made with proprietary software, but it will be changed to be made with free software.

    Also, I wish to add, that despite a small difference I have with the Free Software Foundation, I much believe that all software should be free, and I'll include here articles on the issue of how proprietary software doesn't respect your freedoms as a computer user.  I hope you enjoy my page.

What is Free Software?

What is GNU/Linux?

Recommended Books on Free Software

Recommended GNU/Linux Distributions
Mozilla-Thunderbird Tutorial (in Spanish)

Other Articles:

Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks by Richard M. Stallman

The Danger of Software Patents by Richard M. Stallman

If you are an US Citizen, sign this virtual petition to oppose DMCAHere you can find more information on the DMCA and its consequences.

Patent on Arrow Drawn on Rook

Europe has now determined to oppose software patents because it has turned programming a dangerous activity.  Now it is time to free the US and other countries of the bad influence of software patents.  If you are an US citizen, sign this petition to oppose software patents.

Join Others to Defeat UCITA

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