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Concerning Philosophy
What is Philosophy?
Philosophy of Mathematics

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Articles and Pages on Philosophy and Related Subjects
Anti-Randian Objectivism

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Recommended Sites
  • The Philosophical Gourmet Report:  This is a great reference for students to choose which university they want to go, depending on the area of Philosophy they are interested.

  • American Philosophical Association (APA) Online:  This is the site of the American Philosophical Association, which is the most important philosophical organization in the United States.  Learn about conferences that are going to be carried out, different points of view on various philosophical subjects.  Even you can find out if a job is available on the "Jobs for Philosophers" section.

  • W. V. O. Quine's Site:  The site serves as an excellent reference to those who want to know about this controversial, but genius and very distinguished philosopher.

  • Dallas Willard's Site:  The site is created by Dallas Willard, one of the great philosophers and Husserl scholars today.  This site is not limited to philosophy, but discusses theological and religious views as well.

  • Ivan Illich Archives:  Ivan Illich is perhaps one of the most controversial philosophers of this century, and a very radical political and social thinker.  Through his writings, he analyzes the structures of modern society, at the same time creating key concepts that are useful to see the whole of modern society, and its effect on people, the economy and even language.

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