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Pictures of Friends


Rafi and Monica
My dearest friends, Rafi and Monica.
They are the reflection of what
unconditional love and friendship
is all about.  I love them dearly
and have both of them in my heart.
me and Fritschiella
Frischiella, my best friend
in the University



me, Derick, Víctor and Carlos
Some of my Friends at the Philosophy Department
at the University... from left to right:
Pedro (myself), Derick, Víctor and Carlos
Derick and Wife
My friend Derick and his wife


Javier Yusef and Edwin
My friends Javier Yusef (from
Philosophy Dept.) and Edwin
two very dear brothers in Christ
Javier Yusef and Shakira
Javier Yusef with his
girlfriend, Yashira
Two friends of mine
Gerardo and Olga
Two Great Friends of Mine

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