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Causes  (cont.)

After careful consideration and considering Richard Stallman's arguments, I think that he is correct in his appreciation of proprietary software, as one that divides society and doesn't promote the enhancement and advance of software.  Most of this is a political issue.  Though I'm still using proprietary software, I'm learning how to use many free or open-source software to eventually get rid of proprietary software, beginning with my adoption of GNU/Linux as my future Operative System.

All forms of software should be free ("free" as in "freedom"), they should have their source code available so that everyone can benefit from it and eventually promote the creation of new and more advanced software.  Doing the opposite would be taking power away from the users and away from the people.

Free Software Foundation
Free Software Foundation
(GNU is Not Unix)


Also, I'm in the process of removing eventually all .gif's graphics from my site, if you want to know why, here is the reason:

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