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This page will be mostly dedicated to political issues, specially those of Puerto Rico and its present relation to the United States.  My position will be inclined to favor independence for Puerto Rico.  However, I will also include articles that have relevance today for the interest of all those who visit my site.

However, I wish to point out that I'm not "politically correct" in any way.  The reason for this is the following:  if I'm against a certain policy of the United States, then I'm "Anti-American", if I show admiration for the United States in some way, then I'm "unpatriotic" in Puerto Rico;  if I'm against certain measures taken by the Israeli government against Palestinians then I'm "antisemitic", if I refuse certain euphemisms and denounce islamic terrorist attacks against Israel or the U.S., then I'm "against Palestinian liberation" or I am an "ally of the Jews"; if I denounce racist attitudes towards certain sectors of U.S. society then I'm "ethnocentrist" (because I'm Hispanic), if I denounce certain policies like Affirmative Action because they promote injustices to white people in the U.S. then I'm a "racist"; if I denounce the economic sanctions of the U.S. against Cuba then I'm a "communist", if I denounce Castro's regime and history of violation of human rights, then I'm a "pro-capitalist pig", or a "non-independentista", or a "counter-revolutionary"; if I favor women ordination in the Church, then I'm a "liberal", if I favor kneeling as a condition to receive the Holy Sacrament then I'm "Pre-Vatican I conservative".

So....   as you can see I cannot please everyone, and I totally refuse to be conditioned to a certain form of thinking or to be conditioned by group, be it "conservative" or "liberal".  I have my own thoughts and my own opinions.  You are welcomed to place all the labels you want against me (the same way we see cheap political debates in the U.S. media and Puerto Rico), but don't judge any of my articles nor my opinions without knowing first the arguments I present in this section and evaluate their validity.

Causes Which I Believe In

Ramón Emeterio Betances                Pedro Albizu Campos

¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

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