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Definition of Independence

Definition formulated by the Puerto Rican Independentist Party as proposed to US Congress in 1997:

Sovereign Republic:

1.    Puerto Rico es a sovereign republic, in its free exercise of its unalienable right to independence and free self-determination, has complete authority and responsibility over its own territory and population, under a democratically adopted constitution by the People of PUerto Rico, which would provide the establishment of a republican form of government, and an ample protection of human rights, subject only to the approval of the People of Puerto Rico.


2.   The Republic of Puerto Rico will turn into a member of the community of nations, in equal conditions, invested of all the rights and prerogatives which International Law recognizes to all independent states and that includes the power to establish its own fiscal, monetary, migratory and international trade policies, the right to make treaties including economic, commercial tax, to establish relations with other nations, and to participate in international organizations.


3.  Puerto Ricans will be citizens of the Republic of Puerto Rico.

Responsibilities of the United States:

4.   The United States will grant to the individuals of Puerto Rico their acquired rights due to the services rendered or contributions made to the United States.

Treaty with the United States:

5.   The future relations between Puerto Rico and the United States will be defined by a Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with respect to issues of mutual interest in conformity to their respective constitutional processes, and through which Congress would express its support to the following principles:  a period of economic transition, including a Development Fund financed with yearly contributions based on the present level of expenses of the Federal government in Puerto Rico; a free trade among both nations; a free passage of Puerto Rican citizens and U.S. citizens among both nations; and the complete de-militarization of Puerto Rico.

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