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My purpose with this page is to expose different ideas that have to do with theology, Bible Scholarship and Christianity in general.  It is not my intention to bash anyone's faith.  The only purpose is confront some subjects which are very pertinent today.  You are always invited to discuss these issues in my forum.

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I want to point out the fact that these controversial subjects arise from studies I made on these matters.  These are always subject to revision and correction.  Any kind of disagreement concerning the content of these articles is invited to participate in the forum.  PLEASE, DON'T CONDEMN THE ARTICLES WITHOUT READING THEM FIRST.  Thank you, and all your comments are welcomed.

My Personal Catholic Convictions  |  Comments on the Issue of Women Ordination (Download PDF Version of this Article) |  The Problem of the Use of Images in Catholicism  |  Was Constantine Christian?  |   Are Yahweh and Allah One and the Same God?  (Download PDF or DJVU version of this Article)  |  The Truth About the Marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Here is a PDF version of this Article)   |  PDF Document:  The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela from a Catholic Point of View (In Spanish)

Coming soon also, an article about Conservative Catholic Anti-Modernist Lies About Kant.  This article will also be placed in the "Philosophy" section of this site. (Hint about the content:  Kant is one of my favorite philosophers).

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