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Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, you can do it through many means.

The first one is through e-mail.  My address is:


You can also send me encrypted e-mails using GnuPG and Enigmail.  Here is my public GnuPG key, download it and open it with Notebook (if you are a Windows user), or pico, nano, gedit, kedit, GNU Emacs or whichever other editor you use in GNU/Linux or Unix like operative systems.  GnuPG Public Key Number:  0x5796D084 or 003341D05796D084.  This is my GnuPG fingerprint:  8BC8 FDD6 6EC3 26BE 8DBF 3117 0033 41D0 5796 D084

The second way you can contact me is using ICQ.

You could talk to me or Page me at ICQ

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The third way you may contact me is through Yahoo!  Messenger:

Please, be aware that I'm using Gaim as my default messenger clone to communicate with ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger.  So please, don't assume that I have webcam for Yahoo!, because Gaim hasn't provided that service yet, and I won't use Yahoo! Messenger except when it is absolutely necessary, because it is proprietary software.  I only want to use free software or open source software.

You may also communicate with me through MSN Messenger.  Please, e-mail me if you want to add me.  In the e-mail provide me an URL addy to your profile.  No profile, and I don't know you, try providing a brief profile in the e-mail.  If you don't, I won't add you to my messenger nor will I allow you to have me in yours.

And last, but not least.....   PLEASE!!!!!  Don't begin a conversation asking for ASL!!!!!   If you want to know my information, there are at least two profiles you may go to, to know about me:  One is my Yahoo Profile (here it is), and the other is my MSN profile (here it is).  And also my site has plenty of information of the way I think and do.  Please, don't preach at me, and don't try to convert me to another religion.  You'll waste your time.  I'm perfectly willing to share my views and have rational conversations with other people who don't share my views, as long as they are respectful and rational.

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